Day 1: Introduction / Warm up

It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings...


To sum up:

  • This is a step-by-step program. We start from simple movements and will progressively move to the more complex ones. I advice you to do only lesson per day so your body have time to adjust to the new moves and techniques.
  • All videos are mirrored for the most comfortable learning process.
  • Each lesson consists of two parts:
    – Video explanation where I show in details how to perform the movements. In this part first try to focus on the quality of the movement, not on it’s speed. If there is something you cannot do on the first try, give it time: stop the video, come back where it started to be too complicated for you, and try it one more time. Always remember to be nice with yourself, especially if you’ve just started to learn dancing.

  • – Short video where we’ll quickly repeat all the moves that we learned in the first part and than more to freestyle. That’s the part where you should relax and enjoy your dance. There will be no explanations here, just dance with the music. Try to follow along but dont focus much on repeating exactly what I am showing.
  • Try to have at 3-5 minutes of freestyle at the end of each lesson. To motivate yourself and be more relaxed you can: – Put some of your favourite music, the louder, the beeter:) – Dress up to feel more confident. – Dim lights to feel more as if your are at some party.
  • Try to incorporated moves that you just learned to your dance, play with some variations and principles, you can also try to play with the music, paint some sounds with your dance.
  • The most important here is to feel the power of dance, of movement and music. Sometimes just dancing like this for only 5 minutes can really make your day, not even talking about how much it boost your feminine energy and you confidence, your sensuality.
  • I really advice you not to skip this part of the lesson 😉
  • Throughout the course when you’ll be learning news moves you can incorporate them little by little in your freestyle, and at the end of the program you will notice how much your dance will change and how much more comfortable you will feel with your body.
  • At the end of each lesson you will find some homework to do. Some practices they will help you to get closer to your feminine and confident self. This is also an important part that I advice you not to skip if you really want to feel the change.

Quick warm up that you can do before each lesson


You can dance as you please: in high heels/dance shoes if you already have them, barefoot, in socks or sneakers.

However dancing in high heels do make you feel more feminine and your moves more sensual. If you’ve never dance in high heels before, you can start with low heel height shoes and then switch to a higher heel.

Here is some tips how to dance confidently in high heels:

  • Most of the time put your weight on the middle of your foot on the middle of the foot and not on the heel, especially when turning (see in the next video).
  • In order to maintain your balance upright your posture and roll your shoulders back.
  • Lead with your hips, distributing your weight more evenly.

Exercises from the next video will help you to improve stability on heels: 

1. Bring your legs together, start to lift your heels while bending your knees and keeping your weight on the middle of your feet. Do it several times and at the end hold it a little bit. 

Repeat the same but this time bring your legs to the sides. 

2. Bring one leg to the side, while keeping the foot straight, keep the weight on the other leg. Hold it on and switch.

3. Do couple of turns while lifting your heels and keeping the weight on the middle of your feet. 

4. Bend your knees a little bit, lift the heels and step at the same place while keeping the balance on your feet. Make sure your shoes heels don’t touch the floor.


Before moving to the first lesson I want your to record a video “before” – a short video of your dancing the way you like. 

You’ll need it in order to track the progress – your dance transformation. You can keep it just for yourself or share it with me if you want to get a personal feedback at the end of the program (even if you have a Standard plan). 
I know that many of my students don’t feel comfortable to record videos, and for many of them this is already a big step in overcoming themselves. But this is also an important step on the way to the new feelings, new perception of your movements and self-love.

You’re learning.
Don’t be scared. 

If you are shy and you don’t like your dance, then you can try first to dance with your eyes closed and you’ll see that it’s not that hard 😉